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WEBINAR - Open-Shop 101 - Dealing with Union Organizers, Temporary Disabilities & Duty to Accommodate
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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019
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Thursday, April 18th, 2019
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Dealing with Common Workplace Challenges – Two Entirely Different Problems


1. Dealing with Union Organizers:  In an open shop environment, non-union employers will frequently have to deal with a snoopy union representative trying to convince your employees to sign a union card.  Often, the approach is subtle and friendly – “how about joining me for a bite after work today?”  The objective is always the same, which is to increase the revenue for the Union.  So how should a site supervisor handle the union organizers who have a right to be on the site to visit other workers?  Find out the tricks that work - and those that don’t


2. Dealing with The Duty to Accommodate a Temporary Disability: Every supervisor must spend a lot of time dealing with the 5-10% of workers who try to work the system.  The classic “bad back” excuse has been replaced by newer ones, but the objective is the same – find a way to keep getting paid without having to go to work, especially when you sense that the job is beginning to wind down.  Learn how to handle these issues with reliable methods and processes to protect the company and to deal the possible fakers, without running afoul of human rights or other legislation  

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Gordon Hamilton, McDougall Gauley

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